What is the AC Coil Replacement Cost?

Keeping your air conditioner in peak condition is extremely important to ensure maximum comfort during summer. One important component that may often need replacement is the evaporator coil in your AC. However, many people are unaware of the exact costs that AC coil replacement may incur. Therefore, this article will focus on AC coil replacement costs in detail, providing all the necessary information about replacing the evaporator coil.

What is the Evaporator Coil?

Before discussing evaporator coil replacement costs, it is important to determine their use. In your HVAC system, this coil collects heat from hot air in your house. This heat is then taken towards the condenser coil outside for release. The process continues to repeat to remove the heat from inside the house. If you are using a heat pump alone, the heat from outside is brought inside through the reverse system.

Residential Coil for HVAC Replacement

Having an HVAC unit in homes is common nowadays. All such units use air conditioning coils to function properly. For these purposes, knowing the evaporator coil replacement cost is important for homeowners to plan and save money in case a replacement is required. On average, the cost is close to 1000 USD, which may variate as high as 2000 USD based on the HVAC model. However, the cost is not of the component alone. Instead, around 40 percent of this cost is for labor only. Furthermore, the homeowner’s brand and the region can be a huge reason for price variations.

What is the Difference Between AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Costs and Condenser Coil Replacement Costs?

Generally, the condenser coil is the more expensive component, requiring 20 to 30 percent more to replace. The exact difference in both AC coil replacement costs is based on the brand and region of your HVAC. As such, Condenser coils can cost anywhere between 500 to 2800 USD.

Should I Replace the Evaporator Coil or the Entire AC?

It depends on the damage sustained. In most cases, replacing the evaporator coil is the cheaper option which can be done easily, in less time, and costs lesser than the entire AC unit. However, if the system is too old or worn out, replacing the system can help reduce other related replacement costs for a considerable time. One key reason to replace the AC unit is to install the older R-22 refrigerant. It is better to replace it with the R-410A system for better output and efficiency. Another factor you must consider is the impact of evaporator coil replacement on the AC’s SEER rating.

AC Coil Leak Repair Costs

Before considering replacing the AC coil, repairing may be an effective option in some cases. However, this situation only occurs where there is a minor leak. In cases with extreme leakage, the coil leak can cost between 250 to over 1600 USD to repair. In essence, that is the same cost, if not higher, as replacing the evaporator coil completely. Therefore, you may prefer to replace the part completely if there is a serious leakage.

Style Based Costs of Repair

Different styles of coils are used in different types of ACs. All these styles may have different costs for replacing the evaporator coil. Usually, the costs are between 1100 to 1300 USD for most styles.

Usually, the Air Conditioning A-coils are the most common styles and are the cheapest. They usually have two pieces attached to make a triangle shape. The N or Z coils are more expensive than the A ones. Finally, you can find the flat slab styles, and they take much less space than the other styles. Contact our team today to determine the best ones for your AC system.

The Difference Between the Costs of Cased Vs. Uncased Evaporator Coils

A cased coil is much more expensive than uncased coils in relative terms. The cost of cased coils can be as much as 75 percent higher than the uncased versions. Most uncased coils are at a maximum of 1400 USD, while the cased one can touch close to 1750 USD instead.

Always consider hiring a trained professional for your AC Coil replacement. DIYing the process can lead to damage to other components and incorrect fitting. At the same time, you may take considerably more time to complete the task without the formal equipment and field experience with the methods. I prefer getting professional help from our team to save time and money.

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