What if My Fridge is Not Working? Common Refrigerator Problems

Home appliances are what make your home comfortable for living. With faulty appliances, enjoying your life to the fullest becomes hard. Therefore, it always comes in handy to know about the common problems that your appliances may run into and how to solve them. One such appliance is your refrigerator.

Water Leakage Issue

One common issue you may face is that the fridge is not cooling, and the water is leaking on the floor. The biggest issue here is that several reasons can cause this problem. First, the defrost drain may be blocked. This drain is present on the backside of the freezer and helps remove the extra water properly. The drain may get clogged by food particles and other debris buildups in the system. In such cases, the best way to solve the issue is to use warm water to drain your fridge. In other cases, pipe cleaner or turkey blaster is an effective option.

However, severe clogging may require manual cleaning if none of these methods work. In such cases, finding the defrost drain and washing the valve can help solve the issue. Note that it is important to turn your fridge off before such cleaning. Otherwise, it can be risky and, possibly, fatal.

The second reason for the water leakage is that the water supply is leaking. In this case, you will notice that the water dispenser and the ice maker aren’t working correctly. Try locating the water supply system and check out for any leakage. Contact a professional repairer to help solve the issue if you find one.

What Would Cause A Refrigerator To Stop Getting Cold

One common issue is that the fridge is not cooling despite connecting to the electric supply for many hours. In this case, your perishable food may become useless. There are many versions of this problem. First, check if the fridge is still cooling but is not cold enough. In this case, the evaporator fan may have an issue. Get the fan running by removing any dirt or dust that may have caused the clogging. In other cases, the fan may be damaged permanently and may require a complete replacement to work.

The second scenario is where the fridge is not cooling at all. Here, the coolant in the fridge may have an issue. Sometimes, due to a leak, the coolant can get evaporated. In such cases, getting a replacement coolant refill is the most effective option to make your fridge functional.

Unit Cycling Issues

If the fridge is too noisy, there may be an issue with the cycling system. Remember, the noise itself is the lesser problem. The main issue is that cycling can lead to a serious surge in electricity bills. The best way is to unplug the fridge and check the condenser coils on the bottom. Mostly, removing the dirt and dust from the coils can reduce the cycling issue considerably.

However, setting the temperature too low inside the fridge can be another reason for faster cycles. It is best to keep the temperature at 40 Fahrenheit or just below it. With a very low temperature, you may face constant cycling issues.

Ice Sheet on The Floor

If there is an ice sheet on the floor beneath your freezer, cool water is dripping from some part of the fridge. The best way is to defrost the drain, as mentioned before. However, in some cases, you may need to keep the fridge unplugged for a considerable time before the drain defrosts. In such cases, we prefer hiring a skilled handyperson to help with quicker defrosts using modern tools and equipment.

Overflowing Ice Maker

Usually, the ice maker can overflow if the water inlet valve has an issue. Here, the pressure inside the valve is the prime determinant of the overflow. Therefore, I prefer filling it only to the recommended level. Next, if this step does not solve the issue, hire a contractor to replace the valve.

Food Freezing

The thermostat may have an issue if the refrigerator is freezing food instead of keeping them cool. Check the thermostat to see if the temperature changes when you use it. If it does not change, hire a professional to replace the thermostat for you. New thermostats are cheaper than complete unit replacement and can last for many years before they need to be changed again.

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