How to choose a home warranty company for your roof coverage?

Replacing or repairing roof-related issues can cost the homeowners a fortune. Undoubtedly, your home’s roof is one of the most expensive housing parts. Therefore, getting other ways to cover these expenses is extremely important for most homeowners. Here, we will discuss the case of the roof warranty.

Does a Home Warranty Cover Roof?

Currently, most home warranty providers compete in a competitive market environment, finding ways to make their offers stand out from others. Therefore, it is common to have many different home warranties that cover roofs if you live in a mainstream area. Furthermore, home warranty roof coverage can come in many different packages. Therefore, most homeowners are looking for the best options to select the right home warranty with roof coverage.

Why is it Important to Get Home Warranty Roof Coverage Services?

In many cases, you may require a home warranty roof coverage service to reduce the costs payable if the roof breaks down, requires repairs, or a complete replacement. The costs of constructing a new roof can reach a national average price of above 23000 USD, which can be a considerable fortune for most people. However, this price varies based on the type of roof, your covered area, and region. Similarly, roof repairs can be required frequently if you live in an old family home. Many roofing materials can last considerable time if the repairs are made when needed. Usually, the repairs can cost above 1000 USD for most issues. Therefore, getting home warranty roof coverage is the best way to minimalize costs and avoid breaking your bank when getting your roof repaired.

Limitations of Roof Warranty

It is important to note the limitations applied to the warranty when getting roof warranty services. For example, most home warranty companies may not cover additional objects located on the roof. These objects include but are not limited to your drains, vents, chimney, etc. Similarly, the roof may only be covered for the occupied area. Therefore, the roof above the balconies and patio areas may not be covered in the roof warranty.

Factors to Consider In Roof Warranty Selection

First, it is important to know about the four main roof warranties offered.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: The manufacturer provides this warranty from whom the roofing material has been purchased. It usually covers the material only, without contributing to the installation and replacement costs.
  • Workmanship Warranty: This warranty is provided by the contractor who installs the roof. Here, the main coverage is for the labor costs without providing any coverage for the roofing material.
  • Extended Manufacturer’s warranty This warranty may cover labor and replacement costs.

However, the fourth type, Home Warranty, is different from the first three types. It is offered by third-party providers who cover a part of the costs that you may incur if the roof faces any issue. Plus, these warranties cover other systems in your home as well.

Therefore, when selecting a home warranty for roof coverage, consider the following factors:

  • Check out the monthly payment amount. Some home warranties cost more than others. Consider your budget individually to determine if a specific plan suits your requirements.
  • Plan offers must be considered. Different plans cover different parts of your roof, along with other systems and appliances in your home. Select the one that offers the most extensive coverage in your budget
  • Check the firm’s rating to determine if they meet most of the claims. If the firm has a history of ignoring claims or not reimbursing the homeowners, avoid sticking to such a firm.


Consider getting home warranty services with roof coverage to reduce the costs involved in covering your roofing expenses. Compare the plans and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Consider all the exclusions and systems involved in the package before making your final decision.

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