How Much is Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair?

If your house has a garage, there is a big chance that you already have had an experience with a garage door opener installation and repair. No matter how effectively it is used, garage door opener repairs emerge from time to time. Therefore, knowing the exact prices of repairing a garage door opener not working remotely is extremely important for homeowners to plan and save considerable sums.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Based on several factors, the installation costs of the garage door opener can vary between 220 USD and 550 USD. The size of the garage, the type of door you install, and the payment given to the installation worker are all important factors. Usually, openers can cost anywhere between 150 USD and 500 USD, while the labor costs can range between 65 and 85 USD. Similarly, a garage door opener for a motorcycle may cost less if you are not boasting a full-sized garage to enter your car.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers Installation Costs

Garage door openers can use many different systems as their underlying machinery to work. The chain drive system and the screw drive system are usually similar in costs, ranging between 130 USD and 500 USD for the complete replacement. On the other hand, the Belt Drive system is comparatively cheaper, with prices starting at just 70 USD and ranging as high as 370 USD. Finally, the most expensive system for garage openers currently used is the Direct Drive system. Here, the cost can vary between 400 USD and 650 USD.

Another major cost factor is the remote and lighting costs. Keypads for garage door openers can range between 10 and 70 USD, but their models can cause the prices to variate further. Similarly, getting the LED bulbs installed can raise costs further as well.

Maintenance Costs of Garage Door Openers

If you consider replacing your garage door opener, it is better to determine if a repair is possible. Many garage door openers can be repaired for fairly simple issues at a much lower cost than a complete replacement. The labor costs involved in repairing can be between 130-150 USD, while the repair items may cost between 50 and 300 USD. Therefore, replacing a garage door opener that is completely damaged is more economical, while repairing is the best option for minor damage or problems.

Brands For Garage Door Openers

Many different brands are available in the market for garage door openers to choose from, with each brand costing differently. For example, Genie’s garage door opener can cost between 130 to 450 USD, while the costs of Linear garage door openers can be between 210 and 375 USD. Most garage door opener companies, including Craftsman, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Sommer, Guardian, and Hormann, offer their garage door openers between 200 and 700 USD.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

The average cost to get your garage door repaired is approximately 225 USD. However, the costs can fluctuate between 50 and 550 USD depending on the level of repairs required on your garage door. In most cases, homeowners spend between 114 and 335 USD getting their garage doors repaired. Many different types of repairs may be required for garage door openers.

If you need a remote repair, it may start between 30 and 40 USD. However, the costs of the remote can be significantly higher if the damage is exceptional. Similarly, wiring repairs may be required due to wear and tear in the long term. These repairs are performed by professional electricians, who may charge between 50 and 100 USD per hour. Apart from these repairs, other repairs may include the door repairs themselves. These involve around 150 USD minimal cost per repair, while the maximum cost can rise as high as 350 USD.

Should You Hire Professional Help for Garage Door Repairs?

It is always beneficial to hire professional help when getting your garage door repaired. Professional workers have the modern equipment and the necessary experience to repair the door easily.  On the other hand, DIYing the process can lead to mistakes and further damage the garage door. Plus, the time required can increase significantly if you try to repair the garage door yourself. Save money and get better services by hiring professional help.

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