How Much Does the Sewage Ejector Pump Cost in 2022?

The sewage ejector pump has a pump pit that collects all the wastewater from the sealed reservoir. Once the water reaches a certain level, the pump is turned on to remove this wastewater by pumping it up the severed line. Without an effectively working ejector pump, wastewater can get collected in the sewage system, causing clogging and other related issues. Therefore, many homeowners are constantly searching for sewage ejector pump prices. Here, we will determine the costs of the sewer ejector pump in detail, including:

The Difference Between Sewage Ejector Pump and Sump Pump

Knowing the difference between the two elements is important to determine the right costs. The Sump pump helps to remove water from sump basins in the basement. Usually, it is found in homes where water accumulation occurs. On the other hand, an ejector pump is related to removing wastewater from the swage instead. This pump is part of the sewage system, while the sump pump is more connected to precipitation removal.

Cost of Sewage Pump Replacement

There are many different cost estimates for sewage ejector pumps based on various factors.

  • Complete ejector pump installation costs can be as high as 2500 USD because the plumbers have to be paid on top of the actual unit. It must be noted that initial installation costs are lower than replacement costs because the task does not involve removing the used/ damaged pump.
  • The sewer Ejector Pump alone can cost as low as 150 USD. However, the actual cost can vary greatly based on the horsepower of the item you are using. The higher the horsepower measured in gallons per hour, the greater the cost.
  • The brand of the sewer ejector pump is a major cost-determining factor. Liberty Pumps and Zoeller are top brands with models that can cost 2000 USD for the unit alone, apart from the labor costs. Consider hiring a trained handyman to help choose the best pump per your home’s requirements.

Apart from the unit costs, you may pay between 650 to 1800 USD for the installation services. These costs can vary greatly based on the experience of the contractor you hire, your region, and the economic conditions prevailing in the country.

Ejector Pump Running Costs

While installation costs are a huge concern for many homeowners, most people may miss out on the running costs of the system as well. Usually, the ejector pump in its peak condition will cost 30 to 60 USD per month to run properly. However, a faulty system can cost significantly higher. If you see a surge in your electricity bills, it is best to contact a trained and skilled handyman to check and determine what fixes are required. In some cases, the running costs can be higher because of the size and capacity of the ejector pump being used.

Warranty with Ejector Pumps

Most ejector pumps offered by mainstream manufacturers come with a two-year warranty. Remember, this warranty applies from the day the pump is installed in most cases. However, some pumps may have a longer warranty period if the warranty applies from the manufacture date instead. Usually, when your pump breaks within the warranty period, it is best to reach out to the manufacturer to cover the unit costs. However, these warranties rarely cover the labor costs of replacement, which have to be met by homeowners themselves.

Another option is to consider getting a home warranty to cover the labor costs involved in the replacement.

Different Reasons for Sewage Pump Failure

It is important to note the reasons that may cause an ejector pump failure, leading to an urgent replacement requirement. Most sewage pumps can fail if there are certain items in the wastewater they are trying to pump, including toys, diapers, cat litter, and flushable wipes. Installing waste traps can help solve the issue in most cases.

How Often is Ejector Pump Replacement Required?

Given that replacing ejector pumps can cost a significant amount, homeowners are often looking for a time frame after which they may need to pay that cost. Remember, with proper use; the ejector pump can last between 7 and 10 years before it may require a replacement. However, this useful life can reduce significantly if the handling is improper. Furthermore, the pump replacement may also be triggered if you use the pump, which is inefficient.

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