Does Home Warranty Cover Water Heater Repair?

Water heater repair and replacement can cost homeowners significant sums. It could become a serious financial burden if a water heater leakage needs repairs in many cases. Therefore, homeowners are looking for the best alternate options to deal with water heater noises and other related issues. Here, we will discuss whether home warranties provide coverage for water heaters.

Water Heater Coverage Provided Under Home Warranty

Many home warranties cover different aspects of water heater issues. For example, some may cover water heating rusting, while others may limit themselves to the simple water heater noises.

A related issue here is that most home warranties focus on water heaters’ repairs, not replacements. You can fix issues like water heater leakage and water heater noises but not get a new system installed with the warranty cover.

For replacement, you may have an additional option in some home warranties to pay an extra amount for replacement covers. Note that replacement will only be required if the previous system is irreparable.

Costs of Home Warranties Providing Covers for Water Heater

Most home warranties can cost between 300 and 600 USD per year if you get the basic coverage or general plan. However, for the best water heater coverage, you may have to pay a higher price by adding replacement options. It is important to note that a new water heater for an average house costs between 400 and 1600 USD despite a cover being provided. Therefore, you may be better off paying for the repair separately instead of paying for a home warranty every month.

On the other hand, home warranties offer coverage for many different appliances and systems in the same cover. Therefore, all your systems are getting covered through a home warranty for a small price.

Home Warranty vs Home Insurance For Water Heater Coverage

Remember, both home warranty and home insurance are different things, and they both provide different types of covers. Therefore, it is important to know the difference to get the desired outcome. Home insurance covers your home from natural disasters and does not focus on home appliances and systems. Therefore, it is extremely rare that home insurance will provide coverage for the water heater. On the other hand, a home warranty covers the system and appliances and is the go-to option if you need cover for the water heater.


Getting the right home warranty cover for your water heater system can save you good money if the system breaks down or needs repairs or replacement. Consider the options mentioned in the article when determining whether to get a water heater warranty for your house.

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