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Air Conditioner Compressor Costs in 2022

Your AC compressor is a mandatory component without which the AC can not fulfill its purpose. However, like all components, the air conditioner compressor may require replacement after considerable use and damage. Therefore, knowing the AC compressor replacement cost comes in handy for homeowners. Here, we will discuss the AC compressor for home costs in detail.

Usual AC Compressor Cost

On average, the AC compressor home unit can take anywhere between 600 to 2500 USD to replace completely. This air conditioner compressor costs can vary based on the applicable warranty. If the compressor is under warranty, some of these costs will reduce. As such, your aircon compressor cost will be between 600 to 1200 USD. However, if the warranty does not apply or the manufacturer has not provided it, the cost can rise as high as between 1300 and 2500 USD.

Why Costs for Replacement Differ Compared to The Unit Costs

When you hire a team for AC compressor replacement, you need to pay two distinct types of costs. First, the cost of the unit itself is required. These costs can vary between 400 and 1300 USD based on the brand, make and model. Next, HVAC contractors require payment for their services and labor charges to get the unit replaced or installed. These amounts can vary between 100 to 150 USD per hour based on your area, the contract your hire, and the complexity of the service. Note that other repairs may be required in some cases before the AC compressor for home units can be replaced. In such cases, the hourly rate charged may be higher.

Different Cost Factors to Consider When Determining AC Compressor Costs

When considering replacing your home AC Compressor, different cost influencing factors must be considered in detail:

  • Warranty: Warranties are provided by the manufacturers for damage to the Ac compressor in many different situations. These warranties will only cover the cost of the new Ac compressor unit. Therefore, you still need t pay for the labor costs of replacement.
  • Type: There are many different compressors available, including the single-stage and variable-speed models. The variable speed model can cost significantly higher than the single-stage model in most cases.
  • Size: Ac compressor for bigger units is often costly and comes at a higher price. These are expensive to build and replace.
  • Refrigerant Type: Compressor replacement means that the refrigerant must be refilled. This refill can cost anywhere between 100 to 600 USD based on the refrigerant being used.
  • Brand and Model: Your AC’s brand and model also determine the replacement costs. High-end brands require significantly higher costs to replace the AC compressor.

Size-based Replacement Costs

The prices can variate based on the size of the AC compressor. A 6-ton compressor is usually the largest size that is used in large homes or small industrial spaces. A compressor of this size requires around 3000 USD to replace at maximum. Other sizes smaller than 6-ton will require much lesser amounts to replace 600 USD.

Different Types of ACs

The compressors of different types of ACs also have different prices when it comes to replacement. The usual central air compressor can cost anywhere between 1000 USD to 2500 USD to replace the compressor. A similar process applies if you use a mini-split AC in your home. On the other hand, people who use window AC units can install a completely new unit for between 150 and 750 USD, lower than the price required to replace the compressor alone.

Which AC Compressor Should You Buy?

When replacing the AC compressor, people often consider the type they should invest their money in. The single-stage compressor is less expensive and can be repaired easily. Therefore, you won’t require frequent replacements for this compressor. However, the compressor is much less efficient and more costly than the other variants. The most efficient and least expensive to run is the variable-speed compressor. However, it comes at a very high initial installation cost. Therefore, the final choice comes down to the budget you have at hand for the AC compressor replacement. Similarly, you may choose between reciprocating, scroll, rotary, screw, and centrifugal processors as well. These processors can vary in installation costs and efficiencies based on your requirements.


Consider all the aspects mentioned above when determining the cost of your AC replacement. Choose the right reasons because prices go higher in summers when the compressors are in high demand. Remember, the costs are always changing, so look back at this article for any specific updates that may occur with time.

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What is the AC Coil Replacement Cost?

Keeping your air conditioner in peak condition is extremely important to ensure maximum comfort during summer. One important component that may often need replacement is the evaporator coil in your AC. However, many people are unaware of the exact costs that AC coil replacement may incur. Therefore, this article will focus on AC coil replacement costs in detail, providing all the necessary information about replacing the evaporator coil.

What is the Evaporator Coil?

Before discussing evaporator coil replacement costs, it is important to determine their use. In your HVAC system, this coil collects heat from hot air in your house. This heat is then taken towards the condenser coil outside for release. The process continues to repeat to remove the heat from inside the house. If you are using a heat pump alone, the heat from outside is brought inside through the reverse system.

Residential Coil for HVAC Replacement

Having an HVAC unit in homes is common nowadays. All such units use air conditioning coils to function properly. For these purposes, knowing the evaporator coil replacement cost is important for homeowners to plan and save money in case a replacement is required. On average, the cost is close to 1000 USD, which may variate as high as 2000 USD based on the HVAC model. However, the cost is not of the component alone. Instead, around 40 percent of this cost is for labor only. Furthermore, the homeowner’s brand and the region can be a huge reason for price variations.

What is the Difference Between AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Costs and Condenser Coil Replacement Costs?

Generally, the condenser coil is the more expensive component, requiring 20 to 30 percent more to replace. The exact difference in both AC coil replacement costs is based on the brand and region of your HVAC. As such, Condenser coils can cost anywhere between 500 to 2800 USD.

Should I Replace the Evaporator Coil or the Entire AC?

It depends on the damage sustained. In most cases, replacing the evaporator coil is the cheaper option which can be done easily, in less time, and costs lesser than the entire AC unit. However, if the system is too old or worn out, replacing the system can help reduce other related replacement costs for a considerable time. One key reason to replace the AC unit is to install the older R-22 refrigerant. It is better to replace it with the R-410A system for better output and efficiency. Another factor you must consider is the impact of evaporator coil replacement on the AC’s SEER rating.

AC Coil Leak Repair Costs

Before considering replacing the AC coil, repairing may be an effective option in some cases. However, this situation only occurs where there is a minor leak. In cases with extreme leakage, the coil leak can cost between 250 to over 1600 USD to repair. In essence, that is the same cost, if not higher, as replacing the evaporator coil completely. Therefore, you may prefer to replace the part completely if there is a serious leakage.

Style Based Costs of Repair

Different styles of coils are used in different types of ACs. All these styles may have different costs for replacing the evaporator coil. Usually, the costs are between 1100 to 1300 USD for most styles.

Usually, the Air Conditioning A-coils are the most common styles and are the cheapest. They usually have two pieces attached to make a triangle shape. The N or Z coils are more expensive than the A ones. Finally, you can find the flat slab styles, and they take much less space than the other styles. Contact our team today to determine the best ones for your AC system.

The Difference Between the Costs of Cased Vs. Uncased Evaporator Coils

A cased coil is much more expensive than uncased coils in relative terms. The cost of cased coils can be as much as 75 percent higher than the uncased versions. Most uncased coils are at a maximum of 1400 USD, while the cased one can touch close to 1750 USD instead.

Always consider hiring a trained professional for your AC Coil replacement. DIYing the process can lead to damage to other components and incorrect fitting. At the same time, you may take considerably more time to complete the task without the formal equipment and field experience with the methods. I prefer getting professional help from our team to save time and money.

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How Does A Home Warranty Protect Home Owners

Home warranties are contracts meant to protect our home systems and appliances from failure or breakdowns that emerge from a normal tear or wear. There are different home warranty plans. The cost of a Home warranty depends on the plan that one chooses. An average annual price ranges between 500 USD and 600 USD. What happens is when there is an issue with your system or appliance you submit a claim, a technician is then dispatched to your home and you pay a small service fee for every time a technician comes to your home for servicing or replacements of your appliances. Home warranties protect homeowners in many different ways as I will discuss below.

A home warranty helps a homeowner save a lot of money on major repairs. Considering home appliances are prone to defaults for one reason or another, a home warranty acts as a guarantee for compensation for such damages or defaults. There are costly home appliances whose cost of replacement after the tear is very high. This is where home warranties come in. The warranty company will pay or compensate for your damaged system and or appliance, thus saving you a lot of money that could be used for repair or replacements.

A home warranty is convenient in the fact that once the homeowner notifies the warranty company of a default or failure of a home system and or appliance, the company responds on time by sending a technician to do a fix or replace. without a Home Warranty, the homeowners would have a find technicians themselves. They would be prone to hiring non-professionals, and in the end, this will be a massive loss to them. Certain home appliances need extreme care, and getting a quack to repair such appliances could lead to unimaginable losses.   

A home warranty helps a homeowner to have a peace of mind. A sudden failure or breakdown in any home appliance could affect homeowners in very different ways. Consider an event when a fridge breaks down when it is full of foods. This will mean that all the food goes into waste resulting in a significant loss. A homeowner used to use such a fridge will have a lot of stress out of its breakdown. Back in his or her mind, once he or she remembers the home warranty company, she gets peace of mind as she is sure the fridge is covered and will be compensated sooner than later. Were it not for the Home warranty company; the homeowner would be overstressed starting to think of where to get a perfect technician to repair the damaged appliance.

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How to best maintain an Air Conditioning unit?

Being an electrical appliance, an air conditioning unit often requires maintenance to ensure it performs efficiently. This maintenance also ensures that the conditioner consumes the energy it should and not any more power. This conservation focuses on significant parts of the air conditioning unit like coils, fins, and filters. There are various ways of maintaining your air conditioner, as we will see below.

Ensure the coil is clean always – the conditioners coil helps to cool your home by absorbing heat. The coils absorb dirt with time, and this lowers the amount of heat they can absorb. This results in a strain on the ac unit, which would reduce its life span. Clean the coils by first clearing any debris on the area around the condenser unit.

Check the fins – the air conditioning unit has an evaporator and a condenser. These two have fins, which at times can bend, thus causing an insufficient flow of air. Ensure to check that none of the fins is bent. If any form of bending is discovered, one can purchase a fin comb to deal with the issue. One could also hire a technician to deal with the problem.

Ensure you inspect the condensate drain – an air conditioning unit has the condensate drain for draining the condensation occurring in the unit outdoors. This drain could clog with time. Check to ensure that there is no clogging in the drain and, if any, unclog it for the efficient functioning of the ac unit. You can contact your local air conditioning company for such maintenance practices.

Air filters should be changed once per month – this is the best thing you can do to maintain your air conditioning system. It is also one of the most straightforward maintenance practices and takes just a short period. The air filter’s primary purpose is to prevent dirt particles from entering your house. The air filter only functions efficiently when it is not clogged with dirt particles. Make sure that the filter is not clogged so that the air conditioning unit will not be strained and to improve the quality of air getting into your house.

Organize skilled maintenance appointments – in this world; almost everyone is busy performing daily activities and others taking care of our children. The time to think about the performance or maintenance of the air conditioning unit is scarce or even none available. It is therefore recommended to schedule appointments for professional maintenance of your ac unit. There are many companies out there that can provide this service anytime you need them.

Examine the insulation – ensure to check for any damaged or rotten insulation on the air conditioning unit outdoor lines. Replace any damaged insulations to improve the performance of your ac unit.

What is the Difference between homeowners insurance and a home warranty?

Home insurance policy is a contract for compensation of damage of your home or your belongings arising a natural disaster, fire, or theft. This policy covers four key areas, namely, the exterior of your home, the interior of your home, personal belongings in events of loss, theft or damage, and general liability that may come up in case any person is injured when on your property. It is a mandatory policy, and any bank will require you to have it before discharging a mortgage on any home. This policy is renewed yearly. For example, if a pipe breaks and water floods your home, an indemnity adjuster comes to your home. The adjuster fills a claim form for any replacement or repair of any damaged objects in your home. The claim will be assessed, and when it is approved, the insurance firm will subtract the total of your deductible and pay you the balance to aid you in repairing your home. The deductible could also be used to lower your premium for the annual policy. The cost of your home insurance policy will be low if your deductible is high.

On the other hand, a home warranty is an agreement that caters for replacement or repair of home appliances and systems that fails due to wear or tear. This contract will cover appliances like air conditioners, plumbing, electrical, among others in your household. Large systems like a spa and swimming pool can also be covered under home warranty. We Believe that A home Warranty and home owners insurance go hand in hand and make a good duo. This gives you peace of mind knowing almost every aspect of your home is covered.  The contract is usually a twelve months term, a smart purchase, and an elective. For instance, if your air conditioning unit fails to work, a licensed technician or professional will be sent to assess the nature of the problem. If it is set that the failure arose from either tear, wear, or age, and the breakdown is covered under the agreement terms, the technician will do the repair. Home warranties can save a homeowner a lot of out-of-pocket money. It can also relieve the homeowner’s headache of looking for a trusted or skilled professional to do the repair. Things indeed happen, and appliances get damaged. Systems fail out of age. Rather than having to think of your malfunctioning AC unit or washer, it is recommended to have a home warranty contract with a firm accredited to do so. This will ensure that you get the professionals to perform any repairs on your systems and appliances whenever you need the service. You do not have to have the cash at the event of the failure or breakdown.

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